How to make Sanrio’s cute little riceball (onigiri) bento



Hello Kitty


How to make Sanrio’s roll sandwich

A popular character from Sanrio, Kitty, My Melody, Pompom pudding, Cinnamoroll’s twirling roll sandwich. Since 4 characters also appear in luxury, the child who opened the lunch box will be excited ♪ Ingredients 2 or 3 sheets of sandwich bread Proper amount of sandwich filling (as you like) 1 sheet of thin omelette 1 sheet […]


How to make Sanrio’s angel style Hello Kitty bento

It is Kitty’s rice ball lunch arranged in a winged angel style ♪ It looks even more cute by making a ribbon and a dress using ham! Ingredients Proper amount of rice 2 sheets of ham 1/2 of sliced cheese 1 sheet of dried seaweed 1 dried pasta 1 grain of corn Little amount of […]


How to make Hello Kitty patterns omurice bento

Hello Kitty patterns omurice bento. Looks like hard work but you will do it right if you look to the fire carefully. Ingredients 1 egg Proper amount of ketchup rice 1 or 2 crab sticks Proper amount of dried seaweed laver Proper amount of mayonnaise Proper amount of vegetable oil Directions 1 Split a little […]