How to make Sanrio’s cute little riceball (onigiri) bento





How to make Sanrio’s roll sandwich

A popular character from Sanrio, Kitty, My Melody, Pompom pudding, Cinnamoroll’s twirling roll sandwich. Since 4 characters also appear in luxury, the child who opened the lunch box will be excited ♪ Ingredients 2 or 3 sheets of sandwich bread Proper amount of sandwich filling (as you like) 1 sheet of thin omelette 1 sheet […]


How to make Pompompurin Omurice bento

This is how to make Pompompurin omelet! It is easy type of omurice! Furthermore, it can make parts just by nori-punch and little cookiecutter. Ingredients 1 or 2 thin omelette Proper amount of ketchup rice Proper amount of seaweed laver 1 sliced cheese Proper amount of ketchup Proper amount of mayonnaise Directions 1 Cut out […]